Kevin Park has lived in Santa Clara for almost 25 years, with almost three decades working in the tech industry.  He has been active in the community as a prominent voice at city meetings of all sorts while serving on the boards of organizations such as Santa Clara Sister Cities Association (SCSCA), Santa Clara Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), Santa Clara’s General Plan Steering Committee, Silicon Valley Korean-American Federation (SVKAF), and Santa Clara Office of Education (SCCOE) projects.  Kevin dedicates most of his time to his family, but finds time to teach and give guidance to grade school and high school students.

Kevin has run for council twice before, stressing the need for planning over simple development, promoting residential voice above authoritarian rule, and demanding integrity in addition to mere intelligence.  While acknowledging the need for more housing, his belief that communities are more than just housing units fuels his desire for better-integrated projects that provide benefits to the city as a whole, not just the neighborhoods in which they are built.  He is an independent thinker looking for consensus, and hopes to contribute to a team effort that produces results better than any one person could imagine.

I am an ordinary person trying to make an impact on our society and our youth.

I have lived in the City of Santa Clara for almost twenty-five years, the longest I have lived in any one city in my entire life. I have worked in tech for almost three decades. I also teach programming and leadership skills to youth, am an active member of the Korean community, and am raising a new family; my wife from Korea, and my daughter who will turn four later this year. My family is everything to me; they are the culmination of all that I have achieved. The house we live in, all that I work for, and all that I have done to improve in the city we live in… is for them. Always has been.

So it is no wonder that I am also active in our city. The decisions we make have to support the children of the future, and that means caring about the people in the present. The campaigns, the meetings, the community events, they were never for me. I am not here to make things better for Kevin Park, I am here for Santa Clara. And Santa Clara is for my family and the communities they engage.

City-wise, I have served as a member of the Santa Clara General Plan Steering Committee, on the board of Santa Clara Sister Cities Association (SCSCA), on the board of the Santa Clara Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC), and have attended more City Council and Planning Commission meetings on my own time than anyone else I know. I have been a community activist since the day that my neighbor and friend explained the projects happening in our community, over a decade ago.

Community-wise, and in my spare time, I have taught as an adjunct professor at a local college, helped define the Arts in Education initiative foe the Santa Clara Country Office of Education (SCCoE), served on the board of the Silicon Valley Korean-American Federation (SVKAF), teach programming and leadership to grade school and high school students, am active in several church communities, and volunteer when I can and where I see a need.

Career-wise, I have worked at large companies like Unisys, Google, and NetApp; worked at smaller companies like Brocade, Cloudera, and Digitate; and helped startups like 3PARdata, Playdom, and Wavefront go public or get acquired. I prefer smaller companies who understand that quality is a justifiable limiter of “velocity” and that “100% efficiency” is a tough goal even for robots.

People ask why I work so hard. It is because when the day is over, I have a home to return to, and a loving family to support me. I think of them and the rest is easy.