• This Is Our Event
    “No. I’m sorry, no. This is my event, so no. Thank you anyway. Thank you for being here. I appreciate your support.”–Kathy Watanabe, 31 March 2021 That was the response I received from Santa Clara Councilmember Kathy Watanabe when I asked to say a few words at a #StopAsianHate event she helped stage with Mayor Lisa Gillmor this week at the Northside Branch Library. Although this was organized days earlier, other councilmembers, including myself, were not officially notified or invited until about 24 hours before the event itself. I work during the day and try to be present for my […]
  • CVRA 2020 Update and History
    The appellate court has upheld Judge Thomas Kuhnle’s judgment against the City of Santa Clara: I stated during my campaign that I would have preferred if the City of Santa Clara dropped its appeal of the 2018 California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) judgment. As a resident of the city, a tax payer, and someone with ties to many under-represented minority communities, the fact that we did not proactively put in place a voting system that was more fair was disappointing. But the City’s active decisions to fight the CVRA were even more disappointing. Anyone that has been following the […]
  • A Correspondence
    (this e-mail was sent in response to a one-sided “news” story in the SF Chronicle) From: Kevin Park <santaclarakevin at>Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2020 5:17 PMTo: Killion, Ann <>Subject: Kevin Park, candidate for Santa Clara City council district 4 Ms. Killion,My name is Kevin Park and I am a candidate who is running for city council in Santa Clara. Although I am a candidate that Jed York supports in this race, I have never been a stadium fan or a ’49er supporter. I opposed the stadium actively, walking against Measure J and speaking out against city council and the […]
  • On the 2018 Districting Process
    It seems that my opponent and I remember the 2018 Districting process a little differently. Actually, “remember” is a bit of a misnomer, because my “memory” involves quite a bit of going back to my notes and the presentations given during those meetings. I will link files as I refer to them, because I do save every one. Contrary to my opponent’s statements, one of the concerns the city demographer had was indeed keeping then-current city council members in separate districts. This was a common topic of discussion from city council when coming up with district criteria to give the […]
  • Development versus Planning versus Vision
    One of the biggest complaints about the city is development. Whether you think the projects are too big, too small, focused too little on retail and commercial, focused too little on housing, or located poorly, one thing is clear: development is being done with a lack of vision, and against our plan. This is the General Plan Phase II diagram. This is the Approved and Pending projects list from Appendix J of the Santa Clara Gateway Village project. This is list of Residential and Residential Mixed-Use Developments from July 2016. This is the list of Residential and Residential Mixed-Use Projects […]