While I have traditionally neither sought nor publicized endorsements, this year I have decided to publicly stand with the people who publicly support me.

I am not endorsed by special interests or party organizations, but by individuals and independent entities who believe in my ability to do the right thing. My word is a promise to the people, not political groups.

I am honored, and a bit humbled, to have received the following endorsements. The involvement of the people below only make my campaign richer, and me personally proud. Thank you all.

San Jose Mercury News

The Mercury News has endorsed my campaign as an independent voice:

Or here if you cannot view the above link:


Jim Beall, California State Senator, CA-15

Evan Low, California State Assemblymember, 28th California Assembly District

Mike Honda, Former Congressman, District CA-17

Karen Hardy, Santa Clara City Council Member, District 3

Raj Chahal, Santa Clara City Council Member, District 2

Patricia Mahan, Former Santa Clara Mayor and City Council Member

Mike Sellers, Former Police Chief of the City of Santa Clara

Regina “Jeannie” Mahan Visger, Former Principal of St. Justin’s Elementary School

Jeannie Mahan Visger

Wes Mukoyama, Community Activist, and plaintiff in the CVRA lawsuit that brought districts to Santa Clara

Dr. Mohammed Nadeem, former Santa Clara Civil Services Commissioner, community leader, and political activist

Kevin Park has been an outspoken resident for many years, a regular at city council and planning commission meetings. Kevin’s concerns are real, and his commentary at council has been accurate and insightful. His family is his driving motivation for improving the city they live in, and it is clear that city council would benefit from his inclusion as a creative thinker looking for ways to exceed the status quo and support future generations of Santa Clarans. It is a pleasure to know and support him.

Michele Ryan, Santa Clara Unified School District, Trustee Area 3

Sudhanshu “Suds” Jain, Santa Clara Planning Commissioner and Community Activist

Lance Saleme, Santa Clara Planning Commissioner

Rob Jerdonek, Chairman of the Santa Clara Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC)*

Markus Bracamonte, Secretary of the Santa Clara Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC)*, Founder of Dream Santa Clara

Markus Bracamonte

* For identification purposes only