Kevin Park serves as Santa Clara City Council Member for District 4, with a term running from December 2020 to December 2024.  He, along with Council Member Raj Chahal (District 2) and Council Member Sudhanshu “Suds” Jain (District 5), is one of the first three Asian-American candidates to win a seat on Santa Clara’s council in 70 years.

Kevin Park has lived in Santa Clara for almost 25 years, with almost three decades working in the tech industry.  He has been active in the community as a prominent voice at city meetings of all sorts while serving on the boards of organizations such as Santa Clara Sister Cities Association (SCSCA), Santa Clara Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), Santa Clara’s General Plan Steering Committee, Silicon Valley Korean-American Federation (SVKAF), and Santa Clara Office of Education (SCCOE) projects.  Kevin dedicates most of his time to his family, but finds time to teach and give guidance to grade school and high school students.

Kevin has run for council twice before, stressing the need for planning over simple development, promoting residential voice above authoritarian rule, and demanding integrity in addition to mere intelligence.  While acknowledging the need for more housing, his belief that communities are more than just housing units fuels his desire for better-integrated projects that provide benefits to the city as a whole, not just the neighborhoods in which they are built.  He is an independent thinker looking for consensus, and hopes to contribute to a team effort that produces results better than any one person could imagine.

City-wise, I have served as a member of the Santa Clara General Plan Steering Committee, on the board of Santa Clara Sister Cities Association (SCSCA), on the board of the Santa Clara Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC), and have attended more City Council and Planning Commission meetings on my own time than anyone else I know. I have been a community activist since the day that my neighbor and friend explained the projects happening in our community, over a decade ago.