We Have Been Deceived

Teresa O’Neill has deceived us. Everyone who had ever supported her based on morals, principles, or hope have all been lied to.

Edit: I will remind people that I supported Teresa O’Neill in her 2010 and 2012 campaigns. I was happy that she made it to council. But it was not long before I realized that Teresa did not fight for a single thing she said she supported, and she seemed to think being on a large number of committees was the same thing as having an impact. I was deceived by Teresa O’Neill as well.

Teresa O’Neill claims she is truth-seeking and honest. One of her past supporters Dominic Caserta once referred to her as “Mother Teresa”, but she evidently dropped him when his situation became more than she could handle; not a very “Mother Teresa” thing to do. But to set up a failed writer as a “news” blog that would attack the truth and residents alike while publishing propaganda supporting her agendas? That is a new low.

Actually, it is just another low for Teresa O’Neill.

Teresa O’Neill claims to be a conservationist because of her bicycle riding and views on high-density housing, but nothing could be further from where she actually puts here money. Teresa O’Neill’s actively-traded fossil fuels and big oil stock only grew in the years she was on council, and it was not until I called her out on her investments in cigarettes that she cashed out on those stocks. When the weather gets rough, or the road too long, she does not get into her low-emission vehicle; she gets into her gasoline-powered pickup truck.

Teresa O’Neill claims knowledge on many subjects trying to assuage residential fears of minority repression and frivolous spending fighting CVRA lawsuits, but she is far from correct. The districts are a mess, largely due to the direction she and the rest of council gave to preserve existing city council members in their geographic areas. Whether we have added to our current spending on appealing the CVRA judgment for the past few months is irrelevant: the meter is running and every action taken by either the plaintiffs or the defense adds to the bill that will eventually come due. Teresa O’Neill speaks as if with authority, but that authority is unwarranted as her “facts” are wrong. How is it possible that she simply forgot the things she discussed and decided in council?

Teresa O’Neill claims to understand the city plans, yet votes again and again for projects that go against the intended zoning, which forces patchwork development into existing neighborhoods. Rather than support the residents, she has fought them. Rather than fight for more affordable housing, she sits back and lets the residents do the negotiating with developers for her. Far from being a “development leader”, she is developer-led.

Teresa O’Neill claims that the ’49ers are not willing to negotiate, without mentioning that they actually do talk to city council; just not the council majority bloc of which she is part. Teresa O’Neill claims to have worked on contracts, but fails to see win-win situations that would bring more revenue to our city when the city partner is an organization her council majority friends dislike. She said she could be impartial, but it is evident that she is not.

And the thing that cause me to run in the first place? Teresa O’Neill supported and helped pass a change that set a lifetime limit of two city council terms… and promptly ran for a third term. Did she forget, or was it just not convenient anymore?

Is Teresa O’Neill being careless, or purposefully misleading?

Either answer is a disappointment. And all have put Santa Clara in a worse position. We either have to believe that Teresa O’Neill has not really been paying attention, or that she has not really been honest with us. Either way, that is not what we need in a city council member.

We have been deceived.