The Real Conspiracy

The interesting thing about all of the rumors and attacks from my opponent and the incumbent-supported candidates is that no one is denying the issues created by the current council majority block.

None of the incumbent-supported candidates are defending the high salaries of the city manager and her assistants.

None deny that they supported measures and lawsuits to limit minority voice.

And none are explaining why the relationship with the ‘49ers is so bad.

My opponent made a few weak assertions about the nature of the districts and the unwillingness of the ‘49ers to come to the table, but she was provably wrong on both, and those statements stopped (I hope).

Now my opponents are stating, falsely, that I want to do away with the stadium curfew, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, not only would I keep the current curfew, I would raise the fine for breaking curfew. People would be shocked to know that the current fine is about $1000.

Not only did the critics, or their supporters, not fact-check the information they have been spreading, they will not even discuss how much the city is losing out with the current council’s management. But that is kind of their point now, isn’t it? And the revelation at the end of this post will give you an idea of how deep, and how far back, that disinformation campaign goes.

The only other point they seem to try to get people to know about is Jed York’s independent expenditures, and that literally has nothing to do with us, other than we are who the ‘49ers favor over the incumbent-backed candidates. The crux of their argument seems to be that support from an external group would color our independent thinking and make us pawns of our supporters.

That certainly says quite a bit about them, doesn’t it? I am not swayed by money, and my supporters know that my value is in my rational and independent thinking. But the incumbents seem to feel beholden to the people that give them money and support. And looking at their decisions historically, that is consistent with the way they have voted.

Fact: I have not taken a single cent from special interest groups or partisan organizations, including the ‘49ers. Not now, not ever. I did not even accept endorsements from any special interest groups or partisan organizations. 

Fact: Teresa O’Neill and the incumbents have ALWAYS taken money from special interest groups and have ALWAYS been endorsed by partisan organizations. In a non-partisan race, no less.

Fact: The news organizations that support me include The Mercury News, a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper that is one of the Bay Area’s largest and oldest news sources.

Fact: The only news sources Teresa O’Neill and the special interest groups who support her reference is a “news” site run by the City’s PR consultant and a blog site run by a Gillmor shill — seemingly set up at the behest of Teresa O’Neill. The last link is pretty important. It is a little bit of a read, but it is well worth it, especially if you follow the links in the article itself.

Here is an important part of the article:

Back in 2016 Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilmember Teresa O’Neill were actively looking for a captive news channel and proposed the project to fired Weekly employee Robert Haugh, according to texts in The Weekly’s possession. [Texts]
“Teresa and Lisa are going to take me to lunch sometime next week to discuss news in Santa Clara and ideas how there could be another news medium digital based,” Haugh texted in September 2016.

The Silicon Valley Voice;

If you read the article, Sam Singer seems to be a person in the middle of all of this mess, but the black hole everything seems to be drawn to is Lisa Gillmor herself. Someone recently shared this link on social media:

Just as interesting is the link in the post. Evidently, the Gillmors had plans for a stadium in Santa Clara years before it came up in the city itself.

Gary and Lisa Gillmor are advocates for building a professional football stadium near Great America. They disagree with critics who say their support is motivated by the boost in property values a sports complex could bring. Gary Gillmor owns three office buildings on De La Cruz Boulevard. Lisa and her siblings own a supermarket on Lawrence Expressway worth more than $3 million, in addition to two apartment buildings on Lewis and Monroe Streets. All properties are about five miles away from the proposed stadium site.

MetroActive article from 12 September 2007;

Are the independent candidates supported by the independent expenditures of Jed York in the pockets of the ’49ers? No. Are the ’49ers trying to create or engage in new conspiracies for Santa Clara? No. The only conspiracy in Santa Clara seems to be the one that has always been here.