I am running for Santa Clara City Council District 4

Kevin Park

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It has been a while since I have been in the public spotlight, but it seems that there is still a need, and I have even more reasons to want to improve my city. When the job is not getting done, and when hope for solutions dims with every city council meeting, someone has to step up.

This time there are four people. Check out Suds Jain, Harbir Bhatia, and Anthony Becker as well.

The incumbent in District 4 is running for an unprecedented third term in a row, after supporting term term limits, but allowing a provision that zeroed out her served time.

No more excuses. No more frivolous lawsuits. No more unnecessary spending of taxpayer money. No more unilateral decisions by people who should know better, but evidently do not.

Let us bring the people back into the city discussions, and remind the majority voting block what democracy really means.